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Peak Eleven's 2022 Lower League ECup Concludes in Xbox National Semifinal

Peak Eleven's 2022 Lower League ECup
Published Feb 23, 2022

Peak Eleven's 2022 Lower League E-Cup Concludes in Xbox National Semifinal

For Kevin Schulte this was his second year participating in the Lower League E-Cup. In the previous tournament he advanced to the knockout stage. Peak Eleven holds an internal tournament and trainings among it's players to determine who should represent the club in the national tournament. This year Malik Menana was also representing Peak Eleven in the Playstation Premier bracket and he was placed in the "group of death". Malik caught some early tournament buzz knocking off the defending national champion in group play, and leading the group as the number 1 seed heading into the knockout rounds. There are a wide variety of players entered on teams behalf, pro e sports athletes to supporters to the amateur e sports and soccer players themselves. "Peak Eleven is keen to be represented by the actually players on our team as we feel this allows them to showcase another side of their passion for the sport."  Don Harmon went on to explain, "seeing the players support each other in this e-community practicing and playing online in their free time to prepare gave us some life during isolation in the pandemic."

Kevin had a great run after squeaking out of a difficult group. In reflecting on his national semifinal exit Kevin mentioned, "you find out who the best players are in this tournament because they aren't reliant on winning games with just one team, they find ways to beat you with any of the top teams, Madrid PSG Liverpool, it doesn't matter who you play with for them."

Peak Eleven FC will begin play in the Spring 2022 MPL Region division and State division. According to ownership PXI FC are solidifying rosters and finalizing their staff hires for the upcoming year as they begin preseason play 3/3/22 vs FC Denver. 5 players will be leaving to play in Germany's Bezirksliga and Verbandsliga for the Spring. Kevin Schulte will be going to SG Guldenbachtal joined by Karl Gjerapic and Steven Salter. While last years SGG players Tim Brackett and Lorenzo Hernandez have moved to Verbandsliga club SG Meisenheim DJ.